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Natures Miracle Body Scrub is a small family owned business. Jeff, myself (Lisa), and son Kevin gabbing one evening on how to make extra income, knowing our son has been in the skin care business for many years, we decided to try making our own all natural body scrubs.

From Arizona to Las Vegas to California our body scrubs were and still are a hit. We were so happy hearing that our body scrubs, were helping with Eczema, Psorisis and Itchy dry skin. One of our dear customers stated she felt like her skin was touched by angels. Our customers wanted more so thru many trials and errors we finally produced our own recipe for our face scrubs, face mask, lip balms, and pain reliever.

Each product we make in our home are all made with natural ingredients, and made with care,love and passion. Natures Miracle Body Scrub products have definitely blessed many, bringing smiles to their faces, treating their skin problems, our daily maintenance pain reliever has been also a huge success.

We are also blessed and our lives and days are fullfilled knowing that our products are really helping people.

Natural Skin Care

Dry Cracked Skin Imported Dead Sea Salt Scrubs: This is a favorite by many!! Blending our dead sea salt, epsom salt and our natural oils, we give our clients much relief from psoriasis, eczema, dry cracked itchy skin from their neck down to their toes. Our yummy all natural Pineapple Tangerine lip balms made with beeswax, hemp oil, hemp butter keeps your lips soft and healthy.

Natural Body Scrub

skin care Bentonite Clay Face mask, made with Black Charcoal, Licorice root, Chamomile. Use once a week to detoxify, rather you have psoriasis, eczema, acne, also helps firm. Our newest product is our CBD Oil. 99% pure. This is the newest exciting all natural pain relief product which is in high demand!! This exciting product is for back pain, arthritis, headaches, anxiety, stress, and helps you sleep,

We always have an open ear for what our clients needs or wants are so we finally brought in our all natural Orange Souffle' Face Scrub. Made with brown sugar, orange peel and vitamin C crystals leaves your face clean with a fresh healthy glow.

All Natural Skin Care

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Dry Cracked Skin

Natural Dead Sea Salt Scrub Soothe your body head to toe with our natural dead sea salt scrub. Helps put eczma, psoriasis into remission.

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